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Deception Island

While at an archaeology dig in Afghanistan, Rachel St. Claire, an evolutionary anthropologist, comes across a pendant with strange shifting symbols. Not long after, she receives an urgent call from her colleague, Dr. Grace McAllister, who insists that she come with her and her nephew, Trevor, a handsome polar geophysicist, to Antarctica to examine an unusual body that was found in an ice cave.

Before Rachel can respond, bandits sent by the ruthless Major General Braun storm the site. Just as they are about to seize Rachel, a helicopter appears with Trevor who has been sent to bring Rachel to Antarctica. Trevor soon falls in love with Rachel who, unfortunately, already has a fiance. Little does she know that a trusted friend is part of a group of bioterrorists who are engaged in genetic experiments in an abandoned World War II Nazi base under the Antarctic ice and who are after the pendant—and Rachel.

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Interview with the Author: https://youtu.be/8a5CQJmAPUs

Reviews From Amazon:

Format: Kindle Edition

“I loved it! Deception Island is exciting, constantly moving right from the first page. As a five-time visitor to Antarctica the vivid descriptions of Antarctica and Deception Island in the novel bring back fond memories.”

Format: Paperback

“”Deception Island” is a fascinating suspense novel that takes readers on a refreshing journey through a continent less traveled by. Antarctica is more than just an ice covered expanse of land. Home to a large variety of wildlife, it also holds the dark and perplexing secrets of a Nazi inhabited past. This book has the makings of an awesome movie, and if it’s ever brought to the big screen, I will be the first to buy tickets.

Format: Paperback

“I read Deception Island on some of the hottest days of the summer. What a wonderful retreat. The scenes were so vivid and the landscape so beautifully rendered that I actually started to feel chilly! The story was about far more than Antarctica, there were Nazis, bioterrorists, genetic experiments, and bodies that were not quite human. It was a great read that made me want to book the next cruise to Antarctica to learn what’s really going on down in that white wilderness.”


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